6 Jan 2018

2018 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge #FinishingTheSeries2018

This reading challenged is focused on finishing those series that you're started but not yet completed. Here is the link up post. 

The series can be already completed by the author or still being written. For ongoing series, the goal is to catch-up to the most recent book published. You must have started reading the series before 2018 and any format counts. Crossovers with other challenges are totally fine and reviews are encouraged but not required.

Read on to see the books I'm planning to read for this challenge!

There are 3 levels for this challenge:
  • C-List Series Finisher- complete 1 to 4 series
  • B-List Series Finisher- complete 5 to 8 series
  • A-List Series Finisher- complete 9+ series

Target: I'm aiming for the C-List level.
Progress: 0/4 (0%)
Last updated: 06/01/2018


Books I might read for this challenge:

Which book series are you hoping to finish this year? Share in the comments!

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